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Meet Finaptic

Canada’s only end-to-end, white-label Banking as a Service provider.

Where strength meets innovation.

A few years ago, our founders were discussing the future of banking. Fintech companies were disrupting industries around the world. And while traditional banks sat back, content that there were some massive moats to cross in order to compete, we thought: playing defense isn’t much fun, how do we go on offense?

Little did we realize this simple question would lead to the development of an entirely new Banking as a Service model. One that combines the strength of a bank with the innovation of a startup to create a new banking ecosystem. A model that Canada has never seen before—but needs to support the next generation of financial solutions.

Leading the way

Here at Finaptic, “people-first” isn’t some marketing slogan. It drives everything we do. Our team members are not only experienced banking, sales and technology professionals; they are creative thinkers with a vested interest in the success of your business.

David Furlong

Chief Executive Officer

Seasoned international technology,
business and banking expert.

David Furlong leads the team here at Finaptic. With over 20 years of experience in international technology, business, banking, and regulatory environments, he’s responsible for company recruitment, strategic direction, investor relations, and contract negotiation. By working closely with our clients and technology, he can remain committed to "getting the strategy right" and staying at the forefront of financial services. In addition to leading our team towards the next generation of banking, David is a talented home chef specializing in Italian cuisine.

Industry Experience
  • Banking (National Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, ABA Cambodia, Credigy)
  • Retail & Supply Chain (Avery Dennison)
  • Startups (NA Ventures, Tallan)
  • Telecom (Nortel)
International Experience
  • US (Building startups, board of financial services firm)
  • Cambodia (Board of financial services)
  • Thailand (Board of technology processor)

Eric St-Onge

Chief Technology Officer

Product development expert with banking, manufacturing and mobile application experience.

Eric St-Onge leads Finaptic’s technology and product development. With a diverse background in mobile consumer retail, high-reliability communication systems and transportation regulations, Eric brings best practices to the financial sector, from UX to backend processing.

Having worked in startups, SMBs and large-scale enterprises, he provides the right mix of build vs. buy to attain maximum execution speed while keeping an edge where it counts. When he’s not in our virtual office, Eric can be found either on the slopes or the water–skiing.

Technology Expertise
  • Mobile Phone App Development
  • Large Volume Backend & Parallel Processing
  • High Availability Systems, SDKs
Industry Experience
  • Banking & Payments
  • Manufacturing – Transportation & Telecommunication
  • Mobile App Development

Carl Shamie

Head of Engineering

20+ years of experience designing and deploying complex global solutions.

Carl Shamie leads Finaptic’s Engineering team. With over 20 years of experience designing, developing and deploying complex global solutions for the international technology and business sectors, he’s well-equipped to help optimize Finaptic’s technical design and delivery process throughout the product life cycle. Aside from driving engineering into production, Carl enjoys shooting videos with his new drone.

Technology Expertise
  • Commerce (Oracle ATG, SAP Hybris, Elastic Path, Salesforce, CloudCraze, Magento, MWG)
  • Micro Services/Services/Java/.Net, Cloud Solutions (Azure,GCP)
Industry Experience
  • Retail /Chemical /CPG /Banking /Brokerage
  • Telecommunication/Insurance

Sonia Arcieri

Head of Client Partnerships

12+ years of managing relationships and creating delightful experiences.

Navigating the next generation of banking in Canada can be complex. That’s where Sonia Arcieri comes in. A Rotman School of Management alumni, Sonia’s background in technology and SaaS organizations helps her bring best practices to the financial sector. From developing SMB, enterprise and international relationships to driving growth in new markets, Sonia is responsible for all things sales at Finaptic. Always searching for a reason to get to warmer climates, she is also an avid day-hiker and tropical fruit enthusiast.