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Use Cases

Unlock seamless financial experiences that pay off

With Finaptic, embedding financial services into your customer experience has never been easier. Our white-label banking API and unprecedented regulatory compliance capability presents brands with countless opportunities.

Grow and monetize your offering

Your relationship with your customers is one built on trust and value. Finaptic helps you extend those same qualities to banking products by reinforcing your brand experience and delivering real value to customers.

But customer relations is only half of the equation. Partnering with Finaptic also connects you with highly profitable banking products and provides an immediate sales boost via real-time POS financing.

How we help you unlock growth:

Fees and interest on deposits, credit cards and loans

Interchange on card transactions

Additional core product sales

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Deliver data-driven strategies

In Finaptic’s real-time, event-driven environment, banking activity generates tremendous amounts of data, helping you deliver more meaningful customer experiences.

Our industry-leading analytics platform helps you leverage these insights in real-time to hyper-target your marketing initiatives, develop innovative loyalty programs funded by interchange revenue, and manage credit risk to maximize profitability.

How we help you unlock insights:

Access detailed payment and spending behaviour data

Understand sources of income and wealth

Use financial behaviour data to inform marketing and cross-selling strategies

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Solutions that let your brand shine

Savings & Transaction Accounts

Offer your customers modern, real-time bank accounts so they can spend and save with your brand.

Credit Cards

Make your brand the one people reach for when making a major purchase. Offer loyalty points, cashback, travel insurance and other incentives.


Help your customers make purchases with lending solutions backed by industry-leading systems for credit scoring and lifecycle management analytics.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain unprecedented insight into your customers’ financial lives with rich data from a real-time banking system.

Regulation & Compliance

Focus on your customers knowing you’re backed by a top-tier bank’s banking licence and meet all Canadian financial system requirements.


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